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Welcome To Our Team, Kristi!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of our newest team member, Dr. Kristi Livingston.

Kristina “Kristi” Livingston is a literacy consultant, teacher coach, and runs student tutorials with EL Engage. She has extensive experience working with students as well as training and coaching educators in the field of literacy.

Kristina currently serves as an adjunct instructor for the University of Mississippi where she works closely with preservice educators as they learn about developing high-quality lesson plans for all students.

Prior to her work as an instructor, Kristina spent several years leading professional development and serving as a literacy coach for the Mississippi Department of Education and has served as an intervention specialist supporting struggling readers.

Kristina earned her Ed.D. from the University of Mississippi and holds a National Board Certification in the area of literacy.

She not only has deep knowledge of pedagogy, but is well-studied in adult education, and has provided hundreds of hours of engaging professional development over the last several years focusing on modeling and application of new concepts to help teachers and students get to the next levEL.


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