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Welcome To Our Team, Jodie!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of our newest team member, Jodie Parham.

EL Engage is SO excited to add Jodie Parham to our team. Jodie brings expertise around English learners with special education needs and we are SO excited to have her on board.

Jodie is a nationally certified Academic Language Therapist with over twenty years experience working with children with language differences and providing reading support services for students, teachers and administrators.

She received her Master’s degree in Dyslexia Therapy in 2008 from Mississippi College and completed a Master’s level certification in School Psychometry at the University of Alabama Birmingham in 2018.

She has also completed extensive training in dyslexia, language development, and reading remediation across the country, including Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham, LETRS, Alphabetic Phonics, Reading Readiness, Multisensory Math, Multisensory Reading and Spelling, as well as Dyslexia Identification and Diagnosis through the Texas Scottish-Rite Hospital in Dallas and the Shelton Evaluation Center in Dallas.

Jodie has a high level of expertise related to the Science of Reading and how this body of research can be used to support English Language Learners.

She has worked in both public and private settings and has served as a Resource Teacher, Case Manager, Interventionist, Dyslexia Teacher, District Instructional Coach, and District Intervention and RtI Coordinator.

She was appointed and served on Alabama’s Literacy Task Force for three years, providing state-level support with the implementation of The Alabama Literacy Act.

Jodie has special interest and experience in the unique reading and language needs of English Language Learners. She has used her experience and training in working with English Learners, struggling readers, and data and diagnosis related to language differences to guide teachers, administrators, and districts on determining the unique language needs of English Learners. She has special interest in supporting districts in MTSS support for English Learners and in determining when the learning behaviors exhibited in students are unique to English as a second language or an indicator of a learning disability.

She also is a great addition to our team because of her HEART! She believes in the potential of every child with an enthusiastic approach to support that fosters success.

When not supporting teachers and students, Jodie loves spending time with her husband, Joe, and two kids, Lily and Charlie, as well as her two furbabies, Blitz and Piper. She loves to travel with her family, plan a great party, and decorate for any event. She loves to create a Friday night charcuterie board, has worked for years to master creating the perfect curry, and is a self-proclaimed floral design enthusiast.



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