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Learn how to more effectively support your school's English Learners. Author and educator, Dr. Monique Henderson, is founder of EL Engnage and has spent the past several years working with teachers and their students, serving as an EL Coach, EL Tutor and Project Manager in more than 65 school districts.  In her unique role, she has served hundreds of English Learners in diverse schools with both low and high EL populations, and she has heard what students have to say about what they need most from their teachers and schools.


31 Things Your English Learners Want You To Know effectively addresses questions educators have, but are often afraid to ask about how to best meet the needs of their students who are English Learners.  This guide centers the experiences and voices of students, while providing educators with easy-to-digest, easy-to-implement strategies within 31 succinct chapters.


Are you ready to take your English Learners to the next levEL?


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31 Things Your English Learners Want You To Know: Lessons From The Classroom

SKU: 9781733449489
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